Mango Languages

Language is an Adventure. Where do you want to venture off to?

Mango Languages
Product Designer

Mango Languages is a language learning platform available on iOS, Android and also on Desktop. The platform allows learners to build new language skills with 70+ different languages to explore.

I worked along side the design team, PMs and engineers to help shape new features for the app. These new features helped to enhance the experience for learners on the platform. I also helped to improve existing features - which helped to enhance the learning experience.

Family Profiles (Mobile)

Notifications Panel (Mobile)

New Quiz Timer (Mobile)

The new quiz timer is an idea that I came up with to help improve the existing timer that was being used in the product. The previous timer was confusing because it used a ‘+’ button to add more time - which was confusing to learners. The new timer allowed for learners to pause/play the time.