We spend too much time thumbing through our emails - Courier allows you to read less emails.

Product Designer

Courier was en email app (available only on iOS) that utilized machine learning to summarize your emails. With summarized emails and emoji categories, users can shorten the time spent on emails in half by reading their messages with ease from their inbox, without having to open an email.

I joined Codeq, the team behind Courier, in 2017 as a Product Designer after the initial idea and designs were laid out. I helped to make improvements to the overall design and built new features. I helped the team take the app from beta testing preparation to deployment in the iOS App Store.

New Compose Bar

One of the first features I was able to improve was the Compose Bar. Inspiration for this was a combination of the bottom sheets native to iOS and Slack (mobile) giving users the ability to expand messages. The idea was to create a compose bar that could be used to compose new emails or reply to an email.

Support for Multiple Accounts + New Header

One of the biggest requests from our users was to support adding multiple email accounts (specifically GMail). The solution was to create an easy way for users to add new accounts and switch between accounts - while also improving some existing features. I helped to create a new header for users to be able to filter between different email types, as well as a way to improve the search by including it into the new header.

New Attachments Flow

One of the last features I designed with the team was a new attachments flow. The new designs included an improved preview attached images, a way to see attachment progress (uploading/errors) + a way to remove attachments. The new designs also added a way to add file attachments as well - previously users could only attach images.