Kompass - Mobile App Redesign

Kompass is a community based event sharing platform that allows you to share, discover and explore social events in your favorite locations. Kompass allows users to view events and their details (ratings, reviews, pictures, check-ins, etc.) to help guide users to their next adventure. Kompass is currently only available in the Atlanta area. New designs are currently being implemented into the app - until then feel free to download the current Kompass app.

Download [the current] Kompass app 👇🏾


My role

The Kompass team asked me to come on board to help create a redesign for their current app. We started with only updating four screens: the map view, the list view, the event page, my events and the profile page. The team believed that their current app is doing well in the app store and thought it was time to refresh the design of the app, based on user feedback and what features they wanted to include. I was able to build a new look for the screens they asked for - helping to create a better interface design (a more simplistic/modern feel to the app) and a better overall user experience for the app. I enjoyed getting the chance to collaborate with the Kompass team - their app is great to see here in Atlanta, giving a slightly different feel to an event app.

event map view.jpg

Event map view

The objective of the new map view is to give users the option to see different events and where they are located. The map view allows users to scroll through different events, to see event information and to see ticket availability. The map view also gives a preview of the new bottom nav design as well.

event list view.jpg

Event list view

The event list view is an alternate view of events that may be near a user. The design allows users to scroll the list of events in their area and to see more information about the event. The list view also gives users the option to go to the ‘Map view’. I wanted to give the ‘event card’ a different look than what is currently in the app. I also worked with the team to create a header that would incorporate the Atlanta skyline. Overall the new design for the list view should give users a better feel for events in their area, with clear information about each event.

event page.jpg

Event page

The new event page offers a less busy view of the event that a user has selected. Most of the information about the event has been condensed and there is more whitespace, allowing a better viewing experience for the user. The new design makes the event page a card style view that the user can easily slide down to bring back the list view (or map view).

my events page.jpg

My events page

The current ‘my event’s page is not as functional as the team wanted it to be. The new design allows for users to see their upcoming events that they have already grabbed tickets for and also to see a list of the past events that they have attended. By being able to see their event history, users can go back and add photos, comments and a review for that event, so that other users will know a little more about that experience.

profile page.jpg

Profile page

The profile page is the last redesign that I worked on for the team. The current profile page is hidden within the menu bar that the user had to find and had an older Microsoft feel to it. The new design is in line with the rest of the redesigned screens and is now shown within the new bottom nav. This allows the user to easily access their profile and the interface is much better to look at and feels much better than the previous design.