Jouzu - Product Design

Jouzu is a platform that allows users to create stats profiles for various sports. At launch, Jouzu will help to keep stats of different athletes (starting with basketball). The platform is looking to target high school sports and intramural sports leagues.

Check out the Jouzu website for more updates πŸ‘‡πŸΎ


My role

I was brought onto the Jouzu team as the principal product designer. The founder (Marvin Smith) of the platform came to me and pitched the idea of Jouzu and how he wanted the app to operate. After a few meetings, we decided to create Jouzu as a progressive web app (PWA). My job was to help create wireframes, user flows, design iterations and interactive prototyping for the app. Working with Marvin, we created the main user flow of the app and worked through all of the necessary screens that would be needed for the MVP. The design with through a few phases before finally deciding on an overall design aesthetic that fit the vision for Jouzu. I wanted to give the app a simplistic, yet gamified experience for the user. Looking at most sports stats app that are available, they all seem to have this older unified sports style, which seemed a bit boring. I wanted the app to feel more like a gaming experience, so that the user would feel like they are a part of the experience rather than just a stats collector.


App objectives

One objective of the app was to create a unique experience that users could enjoy. Users needed to be able to signup for the app, create a profile and get right into the app to start collecting stats. Users are able to receive badge credits throughout the app. Badge credits can be redeemed for different rewards - this reward system needed to be shown within the app as well. The main objective within the app would be the ability to take stats. Users should be able to start a game, creating the setup for the game, choose the game type, decide between taking stats for offense/defense, then begin stats collection. Users can also see if another user has created that game and can join them in taking stats (perhaps one user does offense and the other does defense). This helps to create a social aspect to the app and also helps to verify the validity of the stats being taken.