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We spend too much time thumbing through our emails - Courier allows you to read less emails.

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About the app

Courier uses summarization technology to make reading your emails easier. Courier summarizes your emails into a few sentences, so that you can read what's important without having to open every single email message. It also categorizes emails into emoji categories, so that you will also know which type of message you are receiving. The intention of the app is to make reading emails easier and for the user to spend less time thumbing through emails, but instead have a chance to read each email from the main inbox screen.


My role

With Courier, I worked as the lead designer for the team behind the app, Codeq. I was brought on after the initial idea and screens for the app were laid out. I have since contributed to making new changes to the app, improving the current design, adding new features and listening to user feedback for the app. I have also been responsible for creating designs for some of the marketing material and other digital media assets for Courier. When I joined the team, we worked to get the app ready for its beta stage - now the app is currently available in the iOS App Store [make sure to download it]. Stay tuned for more updates to Courier!


Emoji categorizations

One thing that sets Courier apart from other email apps is the fact that our summarization technology places your messages into emoji categories. Each category let’s the user know what type of message they are looking at without having to read the message. I helped to define the design for the emoji categories in the inbox view.


Compose bar

The compose bar is something new that we worked on with Courier. The idea is to have the user be able to compose a message no matter where they are in the app. If they open an existing message, the compose bar then turns into a reply bar. It can be expanded and collapsed as well - the user can expand the compose bar to bring up full compose to add recipients as you would when composing a new email. This design took some time to go over and think out the problem as a whole, but I think this idea helps to rethink how we compose messages within emails.


Task detection

Our Summarization technology can also create tasks for you based on the type of message that is received. This task is shown as a card that can be expanded to show details about the task.


Courier website

I also designed the new single-page website for the Courier App. The objective for the new website was to be attention catching, quick and easy to browse, but also to let users know what Courier is able to do for them. The landing page for the app gets the idea across to users about Courier and highlights a few of the top features that set Courier apart from other email apps. The website is very clean, simple and user friendly.