Hello - I’m Branden and I design interfaces.

I’m a Product Designer (UI/UX focused) and UX Instructor (at Lambda School) based in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been working in product design field for over 4 years now. I have a background in public relations and social media marketing, but I’ve always been fascinated by technology and computers. It’s been great seeing how products have evolved from early Windows/Apple days (even early Android days). I understand the value of a great user experience and building products that benefit the end users.

I’m a huge tech and design nerd. I love working on products that push the limits on innovation. I’m always open to talking about new ideas and working on new projects. I’m down to sit and chat or grab a quick brew or cup of coffee. Have a project you think that I may be the right fit for? Let’s connect!


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Make sure to check out my Dribbble page for more examples of my work! Hit me up on my social handles 👇🏾